Building the Future of Decentralized Governance.

We are a development studio working at the intersection of blockchain and artificial intelligence. Our objective is to ensure that DAOs are within the reach of all communities, fostering a governance framework that is transparent and inclusive for individuals and organizations alike.

Our area of expertise:

  • Aragon
  • Aragon
  • Aragon
  • Aragon

Flagship Product - TribeOS

Tribe is a next-generation operating system for digital organizations, designed to empower internet native communities and redefine how DAOs operate and interact with the traditional finance.

Tribe platform dashboard
  • Private Messaging. Through an encrypted messaging system, Tribe enables efficient, secure communication between DAO members, fostering effective dialogue.
  • Delegated Voting. Tribe delegated voting is a core governance mechanism in Tribe. By enabling members to delegate their votes to others within the DAO, Tribe ensures a more active and engaging voting process.
  • Payroll Tools. To optimize operational efficiency, Tribe provides a comprehensive suite of payroll tools, allowing for varied payment options such as individual and bulk payments, one-time and recurring payments, as well as airdrops and redemptions.
  • SubDAOs. Tribe addresses scalability by facilitating the creation of Sub DAOs, smaller autonomus units within the main DAO that can independently manage funds and conduct payroll activities, thereby promoting organizational agility.

DAOBox Aragon Toolkits

Explore our Aragon developer starter kit.


Case study

Lens Voting Plugin

Lens Voting Plugin empowers Lens Follow NFT holders to actively engage in governance actions within AragonOSx-powered DAOs.

Open Source

Case study

Liquid Protocol

Augmented Bonding Curve for Aragon OSx.

Open Source

Case study

useAragon React Hooks

React Hooks Collection for Aragon OSx.

Aragon OSx provides the ideal foundation for building customized DAOs. The modular architecture then makes it simple to tailor flexible governance and organizational structures specific to your DAO's needs.

- Okhai Omotuebe, Co-Founder of DAOBox

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